Sep 4, 2009

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver by Maggie StiefvaterWerewolves don't necessarily change with the phases of the moon. At least not in Minnesota. There they change with the season. When the winter comes, they lose their human forms and become wolves. When spring's sun rewarms the earth, they shed their pelts and return to their human lives.

Grace has watched the wolves from her back yard since she was a child. One wolf in particular has always been "her" wolf. The yellow-eyed beauty seemed to be ever-present during her winters. One fall, after a local boy is killed by the wolves, Grace finds herself face-to-face with a naked, gunshot-wounded, human who has her wolf's eyes. Sam is Grace's wolf. As they spend time together, growing in their love for one another, Sam is constantly having to fight the cold to keep his humanity.

As winter pursues them and more controversies arise surrounding the local boy's death, the wolves find them selves running out of time and Grace and Sam must face the impending reality that will keep them apart.

A wonderful love story filled with hope and humanity, Shiver is an incredible novel. There was some lack of minor character development and some loose ends left undone, but the main story is resolved and the reader receives a feeling of completion. Beautiful!


Alessandra said...

I've started reading this, and it got me hooked. It's so...haunting, in a totally sweet way. The scene where she wakes up lying in the snow with the wolves all around her gave me the chills. The scene where she hugs her wolf gave me the shivers, although of a totally diffeent kind, and melted my heart. It's a totally engrossing book.

Lily Child said...

I have heard mixed reviews on this one. I am really looking forward to reading it myself! Thanks for the review! :)