Mar 8, 2010

The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Penny Lane's parents are HUGE Beatles fanatics. Hello, note her name and those of her sisters: Lucy & Rita. Talk about an embarrassing existence; but not nearly as embarrassing as getting cheated on by the one guy you've been head-over-heels for forever. That's exactly what happened to Penny Lane, just as she was ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Taking solace in the only four men who she's ever been able to fully trust, George, Paul, John, and Ringo, Penny Lane decides to swear off boys for the remainder of high school. As a junior, that shouldn't be too hard for her. Naturally she has to make up an awesome name for her miserable state: The Lonely Hearts Club.

Only the population of TLHC doesn't remain at 1 for long. Soon, her old friend Diane, after her recent break-up with longtime-boyfriend Ryan, joins her club looking for affirmations of her worth and the pleasure of non-demanding female company. Shortly thereafter, word of the club spreads like wildfire and membership explodes. Penny Lane must deal with the club, her school's dislike of the club, and her growing feelings for a boy. But she'll make it, with a little help from her friends.

This fun novel was a real pleasure to read. It was uplifting and self-affirming in all the right places. It's a perfect novel for teen girls who are frustrated with the dating situation. These girls are far from perfect, they have doubts and fears and issues, but the fact that they stick together and work on them is what's so important.

Penny Lane does a fabulous job of embodying the constant struggles that young women face. She is hurt and in need to comfort and creates what she needs. She turns to those who really care for her and makes her own path with their help. I think that is a very important and powerful message to send to readers.

While there isn't much earth-shattering conflict, I enjoyed the ride all the same. It was especially delighted to be rewarded with titles and snippets of popular Beatles songs at the beginning of each section. A wonderfully alluring novel, I highly recommend it for a feel-good, pick-you-up read.


Jessilyn said...

This is one I really wanna read just tagged you for book boyfriend

swiggett said...

Sounds really interesting - with The Beatles, how could it not?! ;)

Misty said...

Hmm. I had heard of this one in passing, but never looked into it. It actually sounds really nice. Great review!