May 13, 2010

Author Event: Estevan Vega at my library!!

Can I tell you all how amazing and wonderful it was to host the enigmatic, witty, & amusing Estevan Vega at my local library?! This guy was on fire (no pun intended) about his book Arson. He talked about his writing style, how he came in to writing (who knew parents could use peer pressure in a good way?), what he's up to in college, & what he foresees in his future work.

After writing short stories with his father, Estevan decided to write out his first novel at the tender age of 12. He was fortunate enough to have Servant of the Realm published at the ripe old age of 16. His next endeavor, The Sacred Sin, was published just two years later. Finally, his first teen novel appeared this year and is the subject of much acclaim. While he is considered by many a rising star that audiences should keep an eye on, Estevan is very humble about his work. He says that sometimes "there's just a story itching to come" and that sometimes it's "just not time for the story to be written yet." The time for Arson began four years ago & he is thrilled to have come full circle on his wish to have it published.

Estevan was very engaging with the audience as he would ask and answer questions all over the place and really made his visit more like a friendly chat. It was quite informal and the audience just ate it up! There were questions regarding the "metaphor of the mask on the book cover" and more basic questions like "do you use pen and paper or a laptop". He even brought a gift for two lucky audience members. They received a signed movie poster of the Arson cover!

Overall it was a wonderful event and I truly appreciate Estevan (and his driving cohort Travis!!) coming all the way down to Raleigh. Hopefully I can have him back down here when the sequel to Arson gets published. :D Check back for my review of Arson soon!!