Nov 1, 2010

Alpha: Shifters Book 6 by Rachel Vincent

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! This is the final book in a 6 book series so there are previous book spoilers in this review. You've been given fair warning.

Faythe is sure that war is coming but she's not sure what expect. There hasn't been a full-scale civil war in the werecat community in decades and everyone was kind of hoping to keep it that way. Unfortunately with Malone creeping in on the Faythe's pride's territory by trying to declaw her and having her brother murdered, there doesn't seem to be much other recourse.

Of course Faythe's problems can't possibly end there because due to extenuating circumstances she's got to choose between the two men that she loves. Marc has known her since she was a rebellious teen and has been her sturdy rock. Unfortunately in her darkest hours, after Ethan's death and when she thought Marc was dead too, she gave in to her needs and had a tryst with Jace. He had always been there trying to convince her to him a chance and now he's got the opportunity. Too bad whoever she is with will one day become the Alpha of the Pride and at the moment Malone is doing everything he can to make sure neither of them are eligible.

When the Territorial Council meets to vote on their new head, the werecat community shatters and nothing is the same. Friends and family will die, new bonds will be forged, and old ones will be lost forever. For Faythe, at least one thing is certain: she will keep her Pride.

This was an amazingly incredible finale to one of the best urban fantasy series I have ever read. Rachel Vincent is a master at weaving an enticing and enrapturing tale and she is at her best with this novel. Watching all the books' details combine into a believable and emotional conclusion was quite fascinating. Faythe is as kickass as ever and the reader can't be disappointed in her performance. While I was very sad to see some of my favorite characters fall in the war, I completely understood the necessity. And let me just say, I was quite pleased with Faythe's choice in mate. Go Team _a_ _! (He he, you thought I was going to tell you didn't you? Silly people) Seriously, if you enjoyed the other novels or haven't tried them yet, I assure you that they're worth it!

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