Feb 25, 2011

Casting of The Vespertine

Welcome back to The Vespertine Week at Tattooed Books! Today I'm featuring something new that I've never tried before. When I did a Soul Screamers week I created my very first music playlist for a book. This time I decided I would try my hand at casting the main characters. I only chose four as this is my first time & I didn't want to overdo it. After presenting my case & giving you two options, feel free to use the poll to choose who you think would fit the part best!

Zora Stewart is described as having a heart-shaped face, with bisque skin, small freckling & colorful cheeks. My choice actresses are:

Kate Mara or Kaili Thorne

Amelia van den Broek,as the narrator, is never really described in detail, but I pieced together her likeness by comparisons. I'd say she had a petite frame with a rounder face & darker hair & mesmerizing eyes. Naturally I chose:

Alexis Dziena or Ashley Rickards

Thomas Rea is described as rather tall, with a lean frame. The best I could determine for his hair was that it glinted in the sunlight (telling me sandy brown) and that it was a bit shaggy. I played it safe with these two:

Liam Hemsworth or Gregory Smith

Finally, Nathaniel Witherspoon (sigh...) is the rogue of the group. He is described as an artist, with a sculpted jaw, thing lips & a relatively flat nose.My favorite guys for the part are:

Patrick Fugit or Gaspard Ulliel

So now you get to way in on your thoughts! You can vote below, or if you don't like the options, leave a comment with your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by & be sure to enter the giveaways that END TODAY at 5! THE GIVEAWAYS ARE CLOSED. Check back on Monday for the winners of the giveaways!

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