Feb 3, 2011

A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford

Everyone has choices to make and those surrounding your heart's desires are some of the most difficult choices of all.

Eden honestly never expected to fall for anyone like she fell for Az. He was just so much more than she ever thought possible. He's kind, understanding, soothing, firey & entrancing all at once. It's all golden until he reveals his true nature... and his wings. Az is one of the fallen angels. He constantly struggles with his punishment & Eden is just a part of that struggle.

When Eden has to face a reality without Az, she takes matters into her own hands & gives up her life to the ocean. So begins Eden's perpetual state of limbo in the centuries' old battle for angelic control between heaven & hell. Now she must navigate a new world where she's unsure who she can trust & face the dire magnitude of her decisions. To love or not... if only it were that easy.

I have to say that this was a very interesting book. While I've enjoyed other angelic fiction books that have been written of late, this one seemed to strike a cord with me. It's one thing to fall in love with a fallen angel & another thing entirely to commit suicide over him & be forced into a battle that you have no real knowledge of.

Eden was quite a compelling character. I really felt like I understood her struggles & emotions while she was tossing about in the chaos of her new "life." Intense would be the best way to describe what she was going through & I think Leah Clifford really got that through to the reader without using heavy-handed phrasing. Also, the mythology behind why Eden became what she did & what her place was in the fight was very fascinating.

While at times I felt that this book was overly dramatic (I blame the hormones that are coursing though ALL the characters), it flowed well with the story. Truly, if you're looking for a provocative angelic read, then this is your go to book. Bravo!

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