Feb 17, 2011

Trapped by Michael Northrop

It's every kid's dream to get to do whatever they want in school because there are no teachers around to tell them otherwise right? Well Scotty Weems' dream has become a living nightmare because of a HUGE Nor'easter that settled over his little town in New England. Scotty finds himself & 7 other people trapped in their high school.

It started out like ever other snowfall, but within an hour, the accumulation began to concern the administration. With school canceled, the kids were free to go home. A few stuck around to work on projects, practice hoops, or just waiting for rides. As the hours pass it becomes clear that the rides everyone seems to be waiting on aren't coming & they have all been left. No biggie, what's one night in the high school?

Soon that one night becomes several, the power cuts out, the heat goes, & then the roof starts groaning. As the feet of snow pile up, the group has to decide what it will do to survive. Cut-off from everyone & everything, they must decide if they're going to let the storm claim them too.

This was an enthralling read! If you've ever sat glued to the television or radio listening to incredible tales of survival against the odds, then this book is just for you. Scotty is a likable enough character, just your typical rising-star basketball player. He's not snotty about it, but he does tend to mention it a lot. The other main characters vary greatly in personalities from an average teen, the quiet, library geek, the trouble-maker & the pretty girl. Everyone plays their roles very well giving voice to their strengths when the situation calls for it.

I think my absolute favorite part of this book is how it is written. The reflective writing format lends a believable quality to the story. Sure this has happened to people before sometime in someplace, but Scotty's reminiscences on his actions & certain events allow for you to get a taste of things to come. It's never enough to give too much away, but just enough to make your imagination run wild.

I must admit that I was quite disappointed in the ending of this book. While it wasn't all tied up in a bow, I felt that I was denied an opportunity to hear what really happened. An epilogue with details of what was happening outside of the school (which we kind of got through a few radio transmissions) would have eased my need for closure. I hope something was added on after final edits.

All in all it was quite hypnotizing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'll leave you with a little taste of Michael Northrop's tantalizing writing:

There was a little circle of people in the hallway outside the gym when we arrived: four kids and one teacher, all standing near the double doors. It looked like a field trip just beginning to assemble. The three of us joined the group, bringing the total to eight. That was the most there would ever be. From here on out, the number would only go down.

-pg. 34 of unedited ARC

ARC graciously provided by Around the World Tours

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Mary said...

Great review! I liked this book, too, especially how it moved from the kids being kind of kind of excited about being in the school by themselves, breaking into places they aren't "supposed" to be and so on to a fight for survival. But I agree--the ending? Not so satisfying. I'm a put-a-bow-on-it kind of girl and enjoy a good epilogue (you know those movies that have what happens to everyone 10 years later? Love those!).
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