Mar 10, 2011

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

I have discovered a lovely new paranormal/urban fantasy book series to devour! The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning has a lot in common with some of my other favorite leading ladies, Mercy Thompson & Faythe Sanders, because she herself is not technically human & she fights things (completely against her will) that definitely aren't human. Yet she is totally rocking! And while, just like the Shifters series, it is technically considered a "romance" book, so far there is more action & adventure than sheet-romping. Without further adieu, I give you Darkfever.

MacKayla Lane has a very easy going life. Pool lounging & occasional classes by day & bar tending at night have afforded her that luxury. While living at home still, she does have greater aspirations for her life. They may not be as high as those of her currently-studying-in-Ireland sister Alina, but Mac can hold her own. Her sun kissed world is shattered though when the Irish police call to inform Mac & her currently-on-an-extended-vacation parents that Alina has been murdered.

At first Mac, like any caring soul, is blinded by grief, though that doesn't last long. When she finally receives a perplexing & mysterious voicemail from her sister the day she died. This settles Mac's mind to travel to Ireland & help the police hunt down Alina's killer. Fortunately while living at home she has been able to save up quite a little nest egg & will make it on her own. Despite the police labeling this a "no leads" case (meaning they have no evidence, witness, or even a suspect), Mac is determined to see justice brought forth on Alina's behalf. At first Mac spends a lot of time orienting herself, analyzing just how far her money will get her & what she needs to do to accomplish her goal; but weird things keep happening to her. She seems to suffer from double-visions as well as having a knack for getting in trouble with little old Irish ladies. They keep telling her not to give herself away & to have some survival instincts.

It's not until she meets Jericho Barrons that she realizes just what she is supposed to be surviving. Barrons reluctantly ushers her into a world of fae, magic, & danger. A long-standing member of this society, Barrons really just wants to use Mac to further his own pursuits & thwart those who in competition with him. When Mac finally relinquishes her death grip on everything she has held to be true. There really are things that go bump in the night... and she has to fight with them to get the justice that Alina deserves.

This was a captivating read! I was sold from the very beginning, not just for the characters, but for the writing as well. Karen Moning has a way with words that really allows the reader to develop their own sense of place & purpose. She does not spell every little thing out for you, but she'll give you just enough to allow you to formulate your own understanding. That being said, Mac & Barrons are such demanding characters! Their interactions are much along the same lines of some other great "partnerships" I could list (Booth & Bones, Mulder & Scully, etc) & really display their personalities in an amusing light.

The story itself was equal parts fascinating & frightening. There was enough gaiety to help counterbalance the fae doom & gloom. Rest assured that these are NOT your average fae. They are meaner than many that I have encountered in books recently & that probably has to do with the fact that the cute, helpful fae are few & far between. The "worst" part is that there is a sexual element to these fae that I haven't really seen addressed even in the adult realm. Think about what happens when you ask a fae for a favor & the consequences that brings & you're along the same lines. Maybe I just haven't read enough. Also, the descriptions of these creatures sent shivers down my spine & really made me feel the same things as the main character. If that's not a resounding endorsement for quality writing, then I don't know what to tell you.

If this is your thing, then add the Fever series to your TBR pile. Happy reading!

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