Apr 12, 2011

National Library Week: Teen Literature Day!

Create Your Own Story bannerThursday is a very special day during National Library Week. Thursday is Support Teen Literature Day!! This is a relatively new "day" during National Library Week and rightfully so. Support Teen Literature Day highlights that the literature written for young adults isn't just for teens & can't be confined to one specific genre. Young adult literature provides so much to its readers ranging from heart-wrenching realistic fiction to in-depth, finely tuned paranormal series. The writers for this genre are even more amazing because they range from struggling college students to mom's with a knack for verse.

The absolute BEST part about Support Teen Literature Day is that the nominees for Teens' Top Ten. Teens' Top Ten is a whole other set of crazy fun where teens get to vote on their top ten favorite books from the pre-determined list. Last year's winner was Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins. I hosted a Teens' Top Ten challenge last year. I learned a lot & have decided to continue it this year. This time I'm hoping to get some really great prizes for my wonderful participants. Be sure to keep a look out for more information on that front.

Rock the Drop Operation Teen Book Drop by ReadergirlzAlso, readergirlz coordinates & hosts Operation Teen Bookdrop. They have donated books to underfunded schools & given them to hospitals for teen patients. This year they are asking that you DROP the book in a public location so that others can find it. I intend to get rid of several of my ARCs & personal copies I no longer need. If you live in the Raleigh, NC area, be on the lookout. You just might score a special treat!

So go out & celebrate your library! If you need any hints on how, click here. If you can't celebrate your library, then at least celebrate the blogging library workers & librarians below:
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Super said...

I'm so looking forward to the top 10 nominees! I will probably join the challenge again this year, although I'm behind on all the challenges I started in January...oops. :)