Jun 16, 2011

Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Erin Blackwell has fallen into a horror story of her own device. A headstrong young lady, heiress to a multi-million dollar horse farm in Kentucky, this former princess is living the poor artist life in New York City. After refusing to major in business, so she would be groomed for taking over the farm, in favor of her passion writing, her grandmother disinherits her & takes Hunter the stable boy as her new protege.

As if being stabbed in the back by a pseudo-childhood friend isn't bad enough, it turns out that Hunter will be attending college with Erin & that he'll also get to read all about himself... through her stories in class. And so begins the tit for tat, back and forth banter of two opposite people. Hunter, having grown up in the barn & earning his own keep, can't seem to keep his mind off the previously-pampered & rather naive Erin. These two circle one another like wild cats, searching for a weak spot. That is until they discover that each others weak spot is the other.

Jennifer Echols has done it again! A masterful piece of work that begs to be let loose to run free! Erin is a pampered princess, but not in the completely oblivious way. Some folks who grow up with money never even realize what it's like for someone less fortunate, but Erin does not have that problem. Having grown up around Hunter, she knows first hand how cruel life can be to folks of lesser income. She's a compelling character that you can't help but admire since she is fighting for herself, albeit in the wrong way.

Hunter is a mesmerizing character to follow. He's got so many different faces it was sometimes hard to keep track of everything he was into. His smugness was even entertaining to a point. He never really wanted to come right out to say "I told you so," but he didn't have to. He sounds like he'd be easy on the eyes too. That never hurts. :)

The best part of the whole book though was the background. All the horse facts & information gave this book a more elegant/regal feel that any other novel I have read. There was something more majestic about the storyline that gave the reader a different feeling. I hope that makes sense.

By all means, run out & find this book on July 19th! If you've enjoyed her other works (Going Too Far & Forget You) then you won't be disappointed with this next one!

Book graciously provided by Around the World Tours


Lauren said...

Ooh, great review! I've been really looking forward to reading this one (as I love Jennifer's books!) so I'm so happy to hear that it's good. I especially love the sound of the premise- it sounds very promising.

Mary said...

Sounds great! I do love me some Jennifer Echols. Thanks for the review.
Happy Reading!
Mary @ Book Swarm

Sara said...

Yay so glad to hear this one was good! I love Jennifer Echols and will definitely be reading this one. :)

Canada said...

I loved this story, and I breezed through it in a matter of hours. I read it on my nook, and I wasn't paying attention to the status bar on the bottom of my screen which told me my physical progress through the book. When I finished, I was shocked. Maybe perplexed is a better word. I kept clicking for the next page, but there was no next page. I checked to see if the whole thing was actually downloaded. It was. Then I realized that I'd actually reached the end of the book.