Aug 27, 2012

Outpost (Razorland #2) by Ann Aguirre review

Possible spoilers for Enclave. Read at your own risk! :)

Outpost coverWhat use does a Huntress have for schooling lessons? That's the question that has been plaguing Deuce since she arrived topside. After being allowed to share their harrowing journey, Stalker, Fade, Deuce & Tegan are assimilated into the town of Salvation. Unfortunately for Deuce that means wearing dresses & attending school as she has not yet reached the age of majority in this topside world. To complicate matters further, Tegan has distanced herself from her comrades because she is desperate to fit in & Deuce finds herself torn between a stand-offish Fade & a needy Stalker.

As if all this emotional drama isn't enough, Deuce can't let go of her Huntress roots. She seeks out any chance she can get to keep an eye on the Freak population & becomes increasingly concerned at the new abilities & traits they are portraying. Fortunately she is able to secure a position on the Summer Patrols with Fade & Stalker. This group of "fighters" is supposed to keep the planters safe while they work to grow enough food to last the town through the winter. But the Freaks have other plans.  

An outstanding follow up to Enclave, I found myself engrossed in Outpost. The story picks up not long as we left our protagonists in their new home of Salvation. This isolated town has been rebuilt & fortified to withstand Freak attacks. The God-fearing townsfolk are pleasant when all is well, but tend to get prickly when anyone rocks the boat. Of course Deuce & Stalker are singled out at trouble makers just because they refuse to completely assimilate. They honestly can't help just how different they are from the easy-living townfolk as they have seen some incredibly disturbing things in their short lives.

So we follow Deuce as she lightly treads on the toes of the locals, while struggling with other people's expectations that she doesn't quite comprehend. Most importantly, we get to explore the more emotional side of the Huntress. As life is a touch easier topside, there is more time to think & feel (not to mention it is actually encouraged) so we watch as Deuce begins to explore her feelings & starts to understand that sometimes a simple action or word can have a deeper meaning.

Ann Aguirre's writing style is such that when I start to read, a canvas appears in front of me. I can clearly picture everything that is going on down to simple hand gestures. There's a cadence to the story that allows the reader to ebb & flow between action & more reflective scenes. A perfect balance of brazen & subdued choices, Outpost sets the wheels in motion for an exciting third installment!
Be sure to pick up your copy at the library or bookstore September 4th, 2012!

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I'm so excited!! I'm glad you gave it a good review!