Aug 24, 2009

Airhead by Meg Cabot

Airhead by Meg CabotEmerson (Em) Watts is dead, technically; but she lives on in the body of none other than the uber-famous model Nikki Howard. Um, maybe we should start from the beginning.

Em Watts was no one special. She was a geeky, video-game-playing girl who had a major crush on her best friend Christopher. She was just doing her thing, taking her younger, teenage sister to the opening of the new Stark Megastore in their hometown of Manhattan, New York when she died.

In a freak turn of events, at that exact same moment, Nikki Howard (the face of Stark) died. So instead of losing everything they had invested in her, Stark Enterprise decided to try an experimental procedure involving a complete brain transplant. Em Watts's brain inside of Nikki Howard's body, that won't be obvious at all!

Now Em must keep the truth hidden from everyone to keep up the charade and at the same time try not to lose herself in the crazy, new world she has been deposited in. Going from a brainy nothing of a girl to one of the "most beautiful people" with a very large bank account can definitely change a girl. Can she keep Nikki's male admirers at bay, continue at her alternative high school, regain the friendship of Christopher, see her family, and keep out of trouble with Stark?

An interesting premise, this book can be a little pushy at times. There are definite undertones of anti-big-corporation that are reminiscent of the movie Wall-E. The premise of the book is also a little far-fetched, even for Meg Cabot. All-around it was still an enjoyable read and definitely something to take your mind off of more serious readings.


Kaye said...

i think the plot on this is ridiculous though alot of people recommended/liked the 2nd book and really i don't think a book by cabot can be ignored, looking forward to you other reviews =)

Alessandra said...

I, too, think that the premises require some big suspension of disbelief, but I found the book very light, amusing, and funny! I'm on the lookout for the second novel in the series, to find out if Em-as-Nikki can make friends with Christopher again.