Aug 20, 2009

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Along for the Ride by Sarah DessenDoesn't everyone know how to ride a bike? Somehow Auden managed to miss that lesson as a child. The single, insomniac off-spring of a notable professor mother and a one-book-wonder author father, she is raised in a world of school hard work, perfection, and deadlines. The summer before she goes off to college, Auden decides to take refuge from her demanding mother at her father's house. With a new, young wife, a brand new baby girl, and a book deadline, Auden's father has little to no time for her at all.

While roaming the streets for a late-night dive with good coffee, Auden stumbles upon a lone guy on a bike named Eli. They don't hit it off right from the beginning, but she can tell that there is something different about him. Over time, as they start to see each other more and more, Auden and Eli try to make up for all the things that she has missed out on. Riding bikes, dancing, bowling, and general "firsts" are being enjoyed.

Although they are spending all this time together, these two barely know anything about one another; but they are falling for one another. When the truth about Eli's past comes out, things change for everyone.

A very sweet read and one that should be considered for a perfect ending to the summer, Along for the Ride was a romantic coming of age story, but one that those of us who don't enjoy mushy-gushy can definitely enjoy. Keep an eye out for her other books as they are just as well written and definitely just as delectable!

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Alessandra said...

This book has been sitting on my "to read" pile for some time now, but I haven't picked it up yet. The plot sounds very intriguing, and I love the cover. I'm curious to see if it's as good as the first book by Dessen that I read two years ago, "The Truth About Forever", which is my favourite read by her.