Aug 14, 2009

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
What could possibly bring a sweet, young boy to live in a graveyard among the deceased? The violent and mysterious murder of Bod's whole family by a man only know as Jack forced his hand. As a toddler, Bod barely escaped being murdered as well when he meandered out of his family's home and into the graveyard. There the ghosts helped shield him from harm.

Over the years Bod (short for Nobody) grows up, is educated, and enjoys his life surrounded by the protection of his graveyard family, but he can never leave. While in the graveyard Bod is kept safe from any harm, but the protection does not extend beyond the graveyard gates.

Jack hasn't given up on finding Bod. His reputation rides on his ability to complete the job he started. Can Bod thwart Jack's attempts on his life or will he make a fatal error?

This story is definitely different from your typical story filled with ghosts. The ghosts are just like any other character in a story, they're just dead. Bod manages to make a human friend, even though he can't leave the sanctity of the graveyard. The mystery surrounding Bod's real family's deaths is a unique plot line, the likes of which I haven't ever encountered before in a story. A truly magnificent read.

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Lily Child said...

AMAZING read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this myself! :)