Aug 4, 2009

Pure by Terra Elan McVoy

Pure by Terra Elan McVoyPure is full of love, betrayal, and friendship. The story follows a small group of girls who, at the age of 12, individually made vows to keep themselves pure until marriage. Now that a few years have gone by, the girls are 15 and the world is different. Where boys were once just an annoyance and it was easy to say that they would be pure for their wedding night, the girls find things a bit more complicated.

Tabitha, Morgan, Priah, and Naeomi are going strong in their pledge to stay pure, but another friend falls off the wagon. When Cara discloses that she and her boyfriend have gone "all the way" everyone has an opinion. From freaking-out parents, to friends dropping Cara like she's a hot potato, life has suddenly become very interesting.

As the story is told from Tabitha's point-of-view, we gain her insight on the situation. Her friends' choices, along with her own, create the chaos and fallout that ensues. Friendships are fragmented, new bonds are formed, and everyone emerges changed.
A magnetic read that you can't help but get sucked in to, Terra McVoy has taken a very serious and popular current topic and turned it in to an applicable and relatable story for today's teens. The writing is witty, amusing and accessible to all who enjoy a true-to-life story.

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