Sep 1, 2009

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead by Daniel WatersWould you date a zombie? They're a little slow and may of them have lost a lot of their personality, but does that make them any less datable? Phoebe isn't sure that the zombies are bad. Sure it's a little odd that only some of America's teenagers are coming back to life, but at least they aren't crying out "Brains!!"

Now that the "living impaired" are back in school at Oakvale High, gothic chic Phoebe is finding herself oddly attracted to Tommy, a living impaired kid. Unfortunately for her, not only is that seriously against the "unspoken rules" of things-you-just-don't-do, but her best guy friend Adam has finally realized his feelings for her.

Add in to this mix that while Phoebe can be crushing on a living impaired kid, she can't even work up the nerve to talk to her former best friend who is now living impaired.

The main conflict in the story revolves around the fact that one of the students has a serious issue with the living impaired kids; and he's not the only one. With Phoebe and Adam on Tommy and the living impaired kids' side, will they make it through the gruesome time that high school has become?

An interesting premise, this book was a little hard for me to get into. I enjoy reading zombie love stories as much as the next person, but the fact that these zombies had barely been around and that scientists still weren't sure what they were all about kind of messed with my ability to suspend reality. There were several great characters and some really surprisingly good supporting characters, but I felt that it kind of took a predictable path. Hopefully the second installment, Generation Dead: Kiss of Life, will carry the story farther along.

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