Oct 22, 2009

Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis

Never Cry Werewolf CoverBrat camp. That is where Shelby has been banished to. All because of a little innocent mischief with a few boys, Shelby's manipulative stepmother has convinced her father to send her to a brat camp promising to return a bright, well-behaved teen. If her stephmother had her way, Shelby would be on her way to an evil, militaristic style camp where they don't take it easy on "tough cases."

Instead though, Shelby's father has conceded to send her to a more tame version of brat camp deep within a forest. Naturally she meets the one kind of person she is supposed to be avoiding: a daring rebel of a guy named Austin Bridges III. She finds his British accent very attractive along with his stand-offish attitude.

Soon though, while trying to follow all the rules set forth by the camp so she can get back to "reality", Austin confesses that he is a werewolf in desperate need of his medicine. Unfortunately it was confiscated after a minor fiasco on their way to camp. Now Shelby is the only one who can help him before it is too late.

The premise of the book sounded very appealing and intriguing. Unfortunately I felt that there were parts of the story that just didn't add up in the end. The time frame for the whole camp is dramatically short for all the events that are supposed to take place during this time. The supporting characters were almost non-existent to the point that the only names I can easily recall are the two main characters. Sadly it almost felt like a short-story crammed with more "fluff" scenes to stretch it out. While I am hoping that the author might continue her work in a follow-up novel (because the ending was obviously left open for a sequel) I am not anxiously awaiting its arrival.


swiggett said...

The premise sounded so good that I am disappointed to hear your review. :( Thank you.

Lily Child said...

Bummer! The premise sounded promising! Thanks for your review!