Dec 10, 2009

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Impossible CoverIf you remember, a few weeks ago I made a post with the book trailer for this book and the music video for the song that the book based around. Should you need a refresher, click here.

Lucy Scarborough has a normal teenage life. She gets decent grades in school, participates on the track team, and even gets along great with her adoptive parents, Soledad and Leo. There's only one, small blemish on her otherwise impeccable life. That blemish is her crazy mother Miranda; and in this sense, she really is nuts.

Miranda Scarborough came to live with Soledad and Leo while she was scared and pregnant at 17. After having Lucy, Miranda lost her mind and left her child in their care. Most of the time Miranda stays gone, but sometimes she shows up out of nowhere screaming and causing scenes, and always singing her version of "Scarborough Fair." She made Leo, a musician and folk enthusiast, promise to teach Lucy the song and he made good on his word.

So Lucy goes about her normal teenage life until her prom night. Her former next door neighbor, and long time hunky friend Zach has recently moved in with her and her parents while on summer break from college. He enjoys watching her prepare for her prom, while feeling overly protective of her when it turns out that Soledad has invited an impromptu guest home for dinner. Padraig is alluring and mesmerizing and yet he feels off somehow. It isn't until after the unspeakable events of prom night that Lucy and Zach realizes just how off Padraig is.

Now Lucy is in a race against time. It turns out that the song was more important than she could ever have imagined. Now she must complete the 3 impossible tasks listed in the song in order to save her daughter and herself.

A wonderful novel with interesting and vibrant characters, Impossible is a fast read. Growing up with the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel made this storyline very appealing to me and once I got into the plot, it just got better. Lucy is a very likable character who really does epitomize a normal teen. Her parents are the kind that most kids drool over, very cool and accepting. Zach plays the typical "hunky guy next door that has been ignored as a potential boyfriend" but he wears it well. And Padraig is down right despicable. He is written exactly how I would expect his kind to behave. All-in-all, this was a delightful read.


PolishOutlander said...

I loved this book too. Have you heard this version of the song? by the Medieval Baebes? They do a great rendition of it:
Hope you enjoy it too.

Lily Child said...

I absolutely adored this book and am glad you did as well! :)

swiggett said...

oooo - this does sound interesting. I can't wait to read it!

Lawral the Librarian said...

I picked this up on a whim without knowing anything about it. I'm really glad to see that it looks good since I already paid for it!