Dec 3, 2009

Tempted (House of Night #6) by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Tempted: The House of Night CoverThe House of Night series by mother-daughter writing team P.C. and Kristin Cast follows the trials and tribulations of a young, newly-marked, female vampyre named Zoey. If you have not read the first book Marked, please read no further than this introductory paragraph as the following is sure to contain spoilers for the series. You can check out my thoughts on the first book and the series in general here. Make sure, once you've caught up, to check back and see my thoughts on this book!

Can't a girl catch a break? Between 3 boyfriends, fallen immortals, and a crazed former high priestess, fledgling Zoey Redbird has got her hands full. After battling Kalona, the fallen immortal, and Neferet, the crazed former high priestess of the Tulsa House of Night, Zoey and her friends take refuge with the nuns during the ice storm.

Most of the team rests up and prepares to move back to the House of Night, while Zoey must make her rounds. She's got to visit her wounded Warrior Stark, who took a major hit during the battle, but insists that he's more concerned about his high priestess. Then there's Heath to contend with. Her human consort can seem like a pain, but Zoey finds that no matter what happens he is the only one who can ground her and bring her back to reality. And finally there is Erik, who just doesn't seem to understand that Zoey can't only be with him. She's got other people who depend on her and need her, not just Stark and Heath.

In the mean time, Kalona is haunting her dreams, Stevie Rae is acting suspicious, and the gang is beginning to wonder what is in their near future. In her dreams, Kalona tries desperately to make Zoey understand that they are meant to be together and that it is not natural to stay apart. She hears his call is and drawn to his message. Stevie Rae is hiding something and it's not just more red fledglings. Zoey can feel that there is something more that is going unsaid between them, but she is trying to trust her best friend to tell the truth in her own time. Finally, Aphrodite, Darius,Damien, Jack, Erin, & Shaunee are beginning to wonder what has happened to their school, what Aphrodite's multiple visions mean, & where all of this is leading.

A major battle is brewing and this is only the beginning. Will all the fledglings make it to the end?

A spine-tingling, suspenseful read, Tempted brings back all that we love about the House of Night series and characters and then more. With things so twisted and uncertain, we really get to see what some of the characters are made of when they are put into difficult situations. While this book in particular, did not include the "gang" (Jack, Damien, Erin & Shaunee) nearly as much as some of the previous books, I enjoyed getting reacquainted with Stevie Rae & the now human Aphrodite. A fast-paced storyline that leaves you begging for more when you get to the "no way!" ending. I look forward to the next installment!

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