Dec 7, 2009

United States Soldier Support

A few people have asked me about the button on my sidebar under "I'm supportive of/involved in..." that says Soldiers' Angels. I figured I would do a quick post to inform my readers.

I am a Soldiers' Angel. It is a wonderful organization that supports our troops all the time. There are letter writing teams, a chance to adopt-a-soldier, and opportunities to comfort the families left behind when a soldier falls. I joined last year and have had a lot of fun. I adopted a soldier who I wrote a letter to every week and sent a package to every month. Now that he has returned home, I just write letters to a random soldier assigned to me each week. There are many ways to participate and it really only takes a few minutes of your time a week to support a soldier who is serving in the United States military. All branches are represented and you can even chose a specific branch if there is one you prefer. You can find out lots of information by clicking on the button in my sidebar or clicking here.

Something else that I just learned of today via Facebook (amazingly enough) is Xerox's Let's Say Thanks program. You simply go to the site, click the postcard you want to send, attach a message (they have some to chose from or you can write your own) and they will print and ship it for you. It takes just a few seconds and will brighten a soldier's day.

I hope this answered any questions that may exist and feel free to ask me anything else, either in the comments or via e-mail, if you'd like to know more. This is the holiday season and it can be hard to be so far from home. The little comforts help. Thanks for listening!

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