Jan 25, 2010

Interview with Soul Screamers author Rachel Vincent!

Welcome to Soul Screamers' Week! As a celebration of all that Rachel Vincent has accomplished with her teen series, I will be holding a week-long celebration of Soul Screamers. During this week there will be my reviews of the books, Soul Screamers related posts, an interview with Rachel and (what would a celebratory week be without...) a giveaway! Enjoy!

Let's give a warm welcome to Rachel Vincent who is here to kick off the Soul Screamers' Week with her interview.

1. What made you choose paranormal as your main genre?

Actually, I chose urban fantasy. At least, that's what I thought I was choosing. But I'm typically shelved in Paranormal Romance, which means my readers are a cross-section of romance and fantasy readers, which is awesome! As for how I chose urban fantasy, I just write the kinds of books I like to read. ;)

2. How much research did you actually have to log on bean sidhes for the Soul Screamers series?

Um... I read what I could find, but there wasn't exactly a ton out there. Which is why I chose bean sidhes. There was plenty of room for me to make stuff up, without disturbing the existing lore too badly. So my bean sidhes are a good mix of existing lore and my own imagination.

Your books are coming out in quick succession, did you write them all at one and then divide the stories up or have you been writing the whole time?

I've been writing the whole time, but not just on the Soul Screamers series. I also write an adult series (Shifters) for MIRA Books. I had the first three Soul Screamers books written before the first one came out.

What is your favorite aspect of your series? (Certain characters, the mythology, the romance, etc)

My favorite aspect of the Soul Screamers series is the world building. After writing the Shifters series for so long, in which I'm limited to three different breeds of shape shifters, I felt like my hands were really untied with Kaylee and her world. There's nothing I can't do there, and I've really let my imagination go, and that means that there's an infinite number of plots and characters I could write.

Any hints about your third installment My Soul to Keep that’s due out this June?
Yes! MSTKeep is all about the consequences, and in the Soul Screamers world, consequences are real, and they're permanent. These books each stand alone, but the events in MSTKeep are--in large part--aftermath of what happened in MSTSave (though you don't have to have read it first), and Kaylee's relationships in this one are changed forever. Its a very emotional story, and devastating in many ways. A couple of the scenes actually made me uncomfortable to write.

Anything else you want to tell your readers and fans?
Kaylee's a strong character, and her strength is mostly on the inside. She's loyal, and brave, and caring to a fault. But she's not afraid to do what needs to be done. I love this series and these characters, and I'm so grateful to everyone who's decided to give them a try!

Thank you so much Rachel for that little peak into your world(s)! That's some exciting news on the MSTKeep front. Check out her website for more information on both her series and for a list of appearances.

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Wow - thank you for posting this! Now I really can't wait to read this series!