Jan 26, 2010

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Welcome to Day 2 of Soul Screamers' Week! Don't forget about the giveaway! Enjoy!

Kaylee Cavanaugh just wants to be a normal teen. Like it isn't bad enough that she got dumped with her Aunt Val, Uncle Brendan & spoiled cousin Sophie when her mom died and her dad ran away to Ireland, but she's crazy too? She doesn't believe it, but those close to her have no other choice.

After having a "panic attack" in a mall by screaming her head off, and being unable to control herself, Kaylee wound up locked in the mental ward at the local hospital and taking heavy medications. She's been out for a while now and hasn't had an incidents, so she's starting to think that life is returning to normal. Until she goes to a local club with her best friend Emma. While there, and hanging out with uber-hunky athlete Nash Hudson, she sees a girl shrouded in shadows and gets the familiar urge to scream. Fighting it away, with the help of both Emma and Nash, Kayless manages to recover her composure. That is until the next day when she finds out that the shadowed girl wound up dead in the bathroom of the night club.

Now totally freaking out, Kaylee continues her quest for normalcy. Sadly, that is not to be what she finds. When Emma is unreachable due to being grounded, there is only one person left to turn to. Nash isn't running for the hills and soon tells Kaylee why that's the case. He is just like her; she's not crazy, she's a bean sidhe. As he unfolds the truth of her heritage, they become more than just friends because he has a natural gift to help her control her wail, which is actually music to his ears. And help her he does and more teenage girls continue to die around them. Only something is off about their deaths. Healthy, teenage girls don't just collapse into death from no cause. Something is causing this and it will take everything Nash and Kaylee can muster to put a stop to it before someone closer to home becomes the next victim.

If you are tired of the furry, pointed-teeth paranormal that is currently very popular, than look no further. This new angle into the paranormal field is entrenched in a rich history that gives a whole new meaning to "difficult teenage years." Kaylee Cavanaugh is a pretty solid female lead who I'm sure many younger girls can relate to; she is not the star of the show, but she's comfortably in the middle ground. Her insecurity is one of her most pulling attributes. That's not to say that she is scared out of her mind and unsure of anything, but she exhibits normal teen fears of acceptance and self-worth along with confusion of what she really is. Bean sidhes or banshees are an interesting choice for a teen series as usually these women are portrayed as old hags or gorgeous young women. The thought that they had to have a youth, and to set that youth in the modern age, shows a great insight.

The storyline was well thought out given that there was a "rational" explanation for her "panic attacks" and that her family tried to protect her by hiding the truth. This was especially true of her absentee father, which given what is revealed about why he is absent, made quite a bit of sense. The timeline of events felt a little rushed as I don't think anyone, even a resilient person, could handle as much as Kaylee did in a short amount of time, but that tends to be a genre norm. I also enjoyed the way the characters interacted with one another, there was a lot of emotion conveyed with very few words and I could really feel what was happening to the characters. I don't always get that kind of reaction.

Honestly, this is now one of my personal favorites for this genre. It has just enough of all the right stuff (action, intrigue, mystery, romance) to really keep me on my toes and keep me guessing as to what's going to happen next. Pick it up if you get a chance and don't forget to check out the next installment that will be featured later this week, My Soul to Save.

You have the chance to win both books over at The Story Siren's site.


Amanda J. said...

I LOVE this book; isn't it great?! Can't wait to see what you have to see about #2! :)

swiggett said...

Wow - sounds incredible!

prophecygirl said...

I think the Screamers sound really interesting, and a good change from vampires. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Emma Michaels said...

I loved this book! It became an instant favorite but I haven't gotten to read 'My Soul To Save' yet. Looking forward to it! Love your blog so clicked follow!