Jan 29, 2010

My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

Welcome to the last day of Soul Screamers' Week! Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter the giveaway!

This is the sequel to My Soul to Take so obviously there maybe some spoilerish stuff below. Just an FYI.

Who knew being a bean sidhe could be so dangerous? After narrowly escaping a rogue grim reaper, Kaylee was hoping her world would return to normal or as normal as her life can get. Unfortunately that is not in the cards. Even though her newly-returned dad has her on a pretty short leash, Kaylee manages to go to a concert with hunky boyfriend Nash and his grim reaper brother Tod. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan as teen sensation Eden takes the stage and collapses. Kaylee freezes and knows what's coming: her soul song. Clenching against it she realizes that there's no pull to wail. That's when she knows something about this is all wrong.

Every time someone near Kaylee is about to die, she gets an uncontrollable urge to wail for their soul. Well, it's only uncontrollable if Nash isn't around. As a male bean sidhe he can help her control her wail so that the humans don't try to lock her up for being crazy. Only this time neither of them had to do anything and that's because Eden didn't have a soul. She had Demon's Breath as a substitute. The only way to have that is if you have sold your soul to a demon and they had to give you something to keep your living until your regularly scheduled expiration date. Unfortunately, Libby (the special reaper who deals with Demon's Breath) informs the trio that she will be back in a few days, for Tod's former girl friend Addison Page

In a race against the clock, Tod, Nash, and Kaylee must dodge observant and restrictive parents, the grim reaper hierarchy, and Dekker Media who doesn't want them interfering with their deals or their stars.

My Soul to Save furthers the trials and tribulations of being a teen bean sidhe. Kaylee, Nash, & Tod grow as characters gaining depth that was only beginning to form at the close of the first book. While Kaylee becomes more comfortable in her new found species, even taking lessons from Nash's mom and expanding her powers, Nash doesn't change a while lot. He becomes more authentic to his wholesome, helpful self. Tod on the other hand, allows the reader to delve deeper into his past and his present when he exposes his feelings for a former flame and the secretive regulations surrounding reaper business.

While I was not nearly as big a fan of this book as the first one, I think it serves its purpose by allowing us a closer look at the characters themselves. The storyline (a multi-billion dollar media mogul is controlling teen boppers in evil ways) was a little far reaching for my tastes, but along the same lines as Airhead. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here and what trouble the kids get into in the next round.

If you would like a chance to win this book, Alea @ Pop Culture Junkie is giving one away , The Book Muncher is giving 3 away , and Tales of a Ravenous Reader is giving one away as well! Also you have the chance to win both books over at The Story Siren's site.

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