Feb 9, 2010

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

This is book two in what will be at least a three part series. The first book is Airhead. If you haven't read it, then there may be spoilerish information below. Just thought I'd warn you. :D

Why is being dead so hard? Because when you're the face of business mogul Stark Enterprise, you never really get to be anything except what they want you to be. Emerson "Em" Watts was an ordinary kind of girl, crushing on her long time best friend Christopher, when she managed to get herself killed along with famous Stark Enterprise model, Nikki Howard. After an arduous recovery from a highly experimental brain transplant surgery, Em has emerged as the brain in Nikki's body. That fact has made it impossible to go back to her normal life. She must be Nikki in every way possible or Stark Enterprise has promised to ruin her family.

She finally starting to get into a routine of school, photo shoots, and jaunts to exotic locations (sometimes for more than she bargained for) when another kink is thrown at her. Nikki's brother turns up begging for her to help him find their missing mother. It soon becomes apparent that Nikki is not herself and that Stark Enterprise is up to more than they admitted. Enlisting the help of Christopher, who is now bent on taking down Stark Enterprise for killing the one girl he loved, Nikki/Em strike out to make things right. Little do they know the surprise that awaits them when they arrive at the brain transplant surgeon's house.

This book upped the ante from Airhead and turn some unexpected and exciting turns! I found that I enjoyed this book more than the first, which is quite rare for me, because I walked into the book understanding the situation and the relationship dynamics. The first book was great, but there was a lot of necessary explanations that had to be done to make the rest of the stories work. This book got to jump right into the action and it didn't really stop.

The different ex-boyfriends that keep popping up in Nikki/Em's life are a hassle to get through, but an important part of the dichotomy of the two girls' personalities and lives. As we continue through the story, we learn more of the intricacies of characters' personalities. Secrets are everywhere and no one can really be trusted to be telling the entire truth when they speak. Witty repartee, scandals galore, and a cliffhanger to leaving you wanting more, Being Nikki is a wonderful continuation of the Airhead series. Meg Cabot deserves a huge round of applause for her newest series!

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