Feb 25, 2010

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

Again, just a fair warning, this is book two in a series so if you haven't read the first book, City of Bones, please be warned that MAJOR spoilers exist below. That is all.

Clary is just having a really rough time. In just a few short days she went from being a normal teen with a geek streak to being the daughter of two famous Shadowhunters; unfortunately one of them went evil, world-controlling, power-hungry and the other is in a magically induced coma.

With her newly discovered brother Jace, and fellow sibling Shadowhunting friends Alec and Isabelle, Clary is setting off to find a way to save her mother while protecting all of them from the Downworlders (werewolves, vampires, et al). Too bad that's easier said than done when your best friend Simon, who happens to be in love with you, has just sealed his fate as being a vampire and you discover that your close family friend Luke, who has been like an uncle to you, is a werewolf. Can life get any more complicated?

Of course it can and unfortunately for Clary and all those involved, it's just going to continue to get worse until her evil father, Valentine, is stopped, permanently. A great chase ensues and everyone will have to choose which side to stand on in the upcoming war. That is also easier said than done. Where will Clary's loyalties lie when parts of her family, both blood-relations and extended, are on opposing sides?

City of Ashes picks up shortly after City of Bones leaves off. We continue the story of a Manhattan girl lost in the big world of Shadowhunting. Clary is a likable enough girl, but the sexual tension between her and her brother is just down right creepy, especially when she's supposed to be dating Simon. The demons get more creative in this book than in the last and there is definitely more action. I must say, for a middle book in a series, I actually liked this one more than the first! An easy, quick read despite its size, City of Ashes is a fast-paced fun novel. I can't wait to see what happens in City of Glass!

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*Sighs* I love this series, wait till you read City of Glass, enjoy!