Mar 23, 2010

Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent Mini-Reviews Part 1

I did a similar post on the Mercy Thompson series that I love so much by Patricia Briggs a few months ago. Well seeing as how I have managed to fall in love with yet another shifter series, I figured I would do a post about it as well.

Rachel Vincent's werecat Shifters series, staring the completely fallible and wonderful colorful Faythe Sanders, is a fun, quickly-paced series covering six novels. We meet Faythe when she is summoned home from grad school for her own protection. Needless to say, she doesn't go back to school what with all the kidnappings, attempted murders, oh and over-protective ex-fiances hanging around. The books follow Faythe as she tries to navigate her very modern self-existence within the rather 1950's view of a tabby in her pride.

She's smart, she's sassy, she's stubborn, and most of all she just wants to live her life without it being dictated to her. I feel that all women can relate to her, and even some men can, on some level or another. Below you'll find a synopsis/mini-review for the first three books. The other three will be provided in a later post.

See my full review of Stray.

All Faythe wanted was to be left alone. She was working on her graduate degree, but the werecat community just couldn't leave her alone. After fighting off a stray (a once human, made into a werecat through an illegal attack; no pride) Faythe is summoned home for safety. Someone is snatching tabbies and they're not giving them back. Despite all precautions to the contrary, Faythe becomes one of the snatched. In a race against the clock, Faythe must work quickly to figure out who is behind this, what their plans are for the tabbies, and then set them straight.

We pick up where we left off in Stray with Faythe being cooped up in the house of werecats trying not to go crazy. Now as enforcer though, she's getting to see some action and prove her worth. She doesn't want to be seen as weak, so she does whatever is necessary to prove that fact. Even if it means working with her on-again boyfriend/ex-fiance Marc as a partner. While out on a mission, the two come across a dead stray. They do their job of covering it up, so the humans don't find out, but as more toms (male werecats) start to die, the trail becomes hotter than ever. Someone's killing toms in the same places that human girls go missing and it's up to Marc and Faythe to stop them. But who do you look for when anyone's a suspect?

Faythe Sanders is mischievous at her best, but certainly not intentionally combative. Well, only when the situation calls for it, and the situations she is on trial for were just that. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the council, Faythe has broken some of their major rules and must now pay the price. Only in this world, you are presumed guilty unless you can prove otherwise. Faythe is struggling to keep her temper in check while trying not to freak out about that fact that if found guilty the best outcome is the loss of her claws and the worst being execution. Given that she's one of the few tabbies in the US, that speaks volumes about her alleged crimes. It just so happens though that Lady Luck has not abandoned Faythe yet. The large number of hostile strays in the area is suspicious and the council wants answers. If Faythe can prove her worth, she can keep her life.

Tune in on Thursday for the next three books!

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I absolutely love these books. Everyone needs to read them!!!