Nov 9, 2010

Knight Angels: Book of Love

Some forces should never be reckoned with. Too bad some people never know when to stop. Jane Taylor, her sister Emily, & their cute neighbor Wes have all grown up together facing personal tragedies that no child should have to deal with at such young ages. Jane & Emily's father died before Jane's very eyes and both girls have never been the same since. Of course being gifted with seeing everyone's death & having to listen to everyone's thoughts (respectively) after said tragedy could definitely throw a kink in your attitude. Wes had the unfortunate instance of being an unwanted child, abandoned with no further indication of his birth-parents. Yet he's sure there was something weird about them because he's been in agonizing pain from major growth spurts all summer long.

Now separately these all seem like weird cases of oddities gone wrong, but when the twin Gordon brothers, doomed angels, show up on campus no one could have predicted the storm that was coming. Their powers bind them all together & their secrets run deeper than any of them truly know. Glenwood High has just become the new battleground between the light & the dark.

Knight Angels started out quite strong. There was variance to the narrators, partially due to the manor of writing & partially due to the rotation of narrators, that allowed the story a different feel. I felt it was a bit much for each character to have their own sections just because of all of the overlapping that seemed to occur. Although each character was sufficiently detailed & elaborated, I felt like I had lost track of my page number & was re-reading a section I had already read.

The drama & implausibility of the plot though drove me nuts. Maybe I am naive & there really are parents out there who are that blase & don't really care to actively parent their children, but I just find that unbelievable in most stories. To me it just seems overly exaggerated to the point that I can't buy into the idea. Unfortunately the annoying dynamics didn't stop there as there were so many overlapping relationships & interactions that I had a tough time keeping up with who was trying to get with whom. Really it just seemed like a glorified dating escapade.

I think the premise of this book is really great. I like the idea of teens with unexplainable, uncontrollable powers that they are struggling with & the impact it has on their lives. However I prefer a more direct approach & Knight Angels just didn't have that for me. As always, don't take just my word for it. Give the book a shot & see what you think.

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