Dec 6, 2010

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Ellie wanted a huge party for her 17th birthday; too bad all she got were some seriously messed up magical abilities. The ever hunky, and handy, Will shows up practically on her doorstep to inform her that she isn't just Ellie Monroe. She is actually a centuries-old, reaper-slaying warrior, who continues to be reincarnated after each of her deaths. This recent incarnation, Ellie's life, took longer than usual, so her memory isn't coming back to her as quickly as usual.

Unfortunately that doesn't stop all sorts of nasties from trying to stop her reincarnation cycle permanently. Bastian, a very powerful reaper, has come forward to formally challenge her abilities & put her out of her misery, for there is no way she can defeat her enemies without her memories. The only one capable of wielding the angelfire swords, Ellie must make a choice between stepping away from the fight & watching the world end or trusting Will to guide her as she steps back into her old self & lays siege to those who dare to threaten her world.

Angelfire was certainly a different kind of story. As promised, there were definitely elements of mystery, thrilling battle scenes & undeniable attraction. I truly enjoyed this debut author's take on the urban fantasy world. The writing was very accessible & easy flowing. It would be very interesting to see this book written from different points of view because I felt like I really knew Ellie, but that the rest of the cast was kind of blurry. That's not to say that it's a bad thing. I honestly expect them to become clearer in the next book or two since this will be a series.

The mysteriousness of Ellie's history was a very mesmerizing part of the story. There was certainly some amusement to be had since Will (as her protective warrior) knew about her past, but refused to share it. Their interactions were some of the most charismatic I have seen recently. It kind of reminded me of the Buffy & Giles/Angel relationships that bewitched me during the show's 7 season run. Will has elements of both Giles & Angel all wrapped up in one; like a really hot tutor. :)

Anyway, I digress. For those urban fantasy folks, this is right up your alley and for those who enjoy a good action novel, try this too. Good luck!

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