Nov 2, 2011

*crickets chirping* I promise I'm still around

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my blog recently. I still love it, but I'm planning to update things around here & while I'm planning that out I'm refraining from posting. Things are ridiculously wacky around here. I've been in a transitional phase since mid-September with an 800 mile move & then obtaining a crappy early morning job. I work from 5 AM to early afternoon & go to bed around 10-10:30 every night. During my off time I've been crafting more & enjoying being reunited with my husband.

I have been fleetingly reading a few books, but nothing that I am addicted to at the moment. Things may be quiet around here until late November, so please be patient with me while I sort things out. Hopefully by then I'll have things cleaned up around here & have some great reviews for you! Thank you for your support & understanding.

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