Dec 22, 2011

The Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine review

So as my first post back into blogging, I'm taking us down an unfamiliar road. You see, I've been hiding a secret. I am one of those coupon people. Not like the tv show, but I have managed to slash my grocery budget & nix spending in other areas too thanks in part to the Money Saving Mom. What started as a simple blog has blossomed over the years into a thriving website with more than just coupons & good deals. Even better is that the mom herself, Crystal Paine, has been able to write a book based on her knowledge.

This wonderful non-fiction, how-to guide is one of the most user-friendly books I have read in quite a while. Leaning on principles taught in many money saving systems, Crystal quickly & efficiently outlines what you need to do in order to get yourself back on track financially. What's so wonderful about the book is its all-encompassing nature. Crystal doesn't just fling numbers & formulas at you, she helps you understand how each aspect of your life (from your time management to your tidiness) affects your finances & how to regain control.

My favorite part of the book though are the worksheets. Crystal has featured her worksheets on her website for quite some time, and while some of them are a bit daunting in their detail, I think they are the most thorough & logical worksheets I have seen. They cover several key aspects for successful management. Not only are the worksheets great, but Crystal is such a natural cheerleader. Throughout the whole book she is doling out tips & tricks & offering encouragement. She knows that the subject matter she is tackling is sensitive & difficult for many people to work on, so she allows you to goof up & jump right back in.

While it might be too late to get this book for yourself or a loved one for Christmas (hard to believe that sneaked up on me) I would definitely keep this in mind for birthdays or any special occasion. It's great for busy moms & even for stressed college students. I think the sooner in life one can get their hands on this book the better. I hope you enjoy it & be sure to check out!

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