Apr 5, 2013

April Genreflecting: Adventure/Thrillers: The Basics

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I wanted to do a reading challenge for the subject of Genreflecting, but I didn't get much feedback (maybe because it asked you to read 2 books for each genre and discuss them or because it's not really a "reading challenge" per se, but more an educational experiment), so I've turned it into a monthly feature! For each month of 2013, there will be a specific genre that will be analyzed. I'm planning to have author input and at least 2 reviews of books in the genre as well.

April's genre is Adventure/Thriller! There’s nothing groundbreaking to say about this specific genre. Adventure and thriller books are pretty much self-explanatory. There is usually danger and, if done correctly, page-turning action. Some people are attracted to the elements of “beating the odds” and “surviving adversity” that abounds in these books. Often times these books can be considered “movie-like” in their fast-paced play out. The beauty of this genre is its flexibility.  Adventure and thriller books can involve anything from wilderness survival, to spys and espionage, to war stories. We’ll get more into the subgenres next week though! (paraphrased from Teen Genreflecting 3, 2010 & Teen Genreflecting 2, 2003)

A few of my favorite authors you may recognize in this genre are:
Anthony Horowitz- Alex Rider series
Roland Smith- Peak
Gary Paulsen- Hatchet
Caroline B. Cooney- The Terrorist

I'm excited to say that I've chosen my two books, one older and one newer, to read for this challenge. The older book is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (originally published in 1987) and I'll have a review and analysis up on Friday, April 19th. The newer book is The Devil's Breath by David Gilman (originally published in 2008) and I'll have a review and analysis up on Friday, April 26th. I'll also be hosting a giveaway, so stay tuned!

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