Apr 3, 2013

Doubleheader!! Waiting on Wednesday: Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon AND Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Waiting on Wednesday recognizes that we as bookies pine for books. This post is about what I am impatiently waiting for right now. It was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

This week we've got a rarity! Since I've been MIA while recovering from surgery, you get two books featured on this week's Waiting on Wednesday. Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon & Inferno (Chronicles of Nick #4) by Sherrilyn Kenyon are both scheduled for a shelf date of April 9, 2013. I thought these two complimented one another quite well as they are opposites of one another. Strangelets seems to be a stand alone novel with a paranormal twist while Inferno is the next installment in a continuing series set in the urban fantasy world. Check out either or both!

Strangelets cover17-year-old Sophie lies on her deathbed in California, awaiting the inevitable loss of her battle with cancer…
17-year-old Declan stares down two armed thugs in a back alley in Galway, Ireland…
17-year-old Anat attempts to traverse a booby-trapped tunnel between Israel and Egypt…
All three strangers should have died at the exact same moment, thousands of miles apart. Instead, they awaken together in an abandoned hospital—only to discover that they’re not alone. Three other teens from different places on the globe are trapped with them. Somebody or something seems to be pulling the strings. With their individual clocks ticking, they must band together if they’re to have any hope of surviving.  
Soon they discover that they've been trapped in a future that isn't of their making: a deadly, desolate world at once entirely familiar and utterly strange. Each teen harbors a secret, but only one holds the key that could get them home. As the truth comes to light through the eyes of Sophie, Declan, and Anat, the reader is taken on a dark and unforgettable journey into the hearts of teens who must decide what to do with a second chance at life.

From Goodreads

Inferno cover
The heat is on, and a new threat to humanity has risen…

Nick has his driver’s license and he’s not afraid to use it. But turning sixteen isn’t what he thought it would be. While other boys his age are worried about prom dates and applying for college, Nick is neck deep in enemies out to stop him from living another day. No longer sure if he can trust anyone, his only ally seems to be the one person he’s been told will ultimately kill him.

But life spent serving the undead is anything except ordinary. And those out to get him have summoned an ancient force so powerful even the gods fear it. As Nick learns to command and control the elements, the one he must master in order to combat his latest foe is the one most likely to destroy him. As the old proverb goes, fire knows nothing of mercy, and if Nick is to survive this latest round, he will have to sacrifice a part of himself. However, the best sacrifice is seldom the sanest move. Sometimes it’s the one that leaves your enemies confused, and you even more so.

And sometimes, you have to trust your enemy to save your friends. But what do you do when that enemy is you?

From Goodreads

My library is undergoing a MAJOR system update, so they're currently down and it is excruciating that I can't place either of these on hold! My wait will be over soon though. Anyone thinking about picking up either of these? What are you waiting on this week?


Bookworm1858 said...

Strangelets wasn't really calling to me but the more I see of it, the more interested I get. Excited for its release!

loreleimarsh said...

I felt the same way, but totally plan on giving it a shot!