Dec 2, 2010

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read the first two Soul Screamers books (My Soul to Take & My Soul to Save) please read no further!

Kaylee Cavanaugh just can't seem to catch a break. It has been a whirlwind last few months learning about being a bean sidhe & all that entails on top of the other-wordly happenings that seem to plague her life. Just when she was starting to catch up & feel a bit more in control of her life, more craziness begins.

The Scooby Doo-esque couple making a startling discovery at a friend's party. Kids in their school are in to heavier stuff than the normal "recreational drugs." These kids are in to demon's breath. Kaylee gets a whiff of it off a friend after he rammed her car & it immediately sends her into a tailspin. The highly-addictive & extremely deadly substance is almost impossible to obtain (since demons can't come into the human world & this substance is literally the exhalation from a demon) & it's dropping kids like flies.

Unfortunately Nash doesn't feel like rising to the occasion. He doesn't think that just because one kid got his hands on a very dangerous substance that the "bean sidhe signal" has been waved. All of his rationale is based around keeping Kaylee & himself safe, but there is only so much that can be done. And when these two finally get on the same page, the world will literally never be the same.

Rachel Vincent has done it yet again. She has woven an intriguing & entertaining story with some very dynamic characters. Kaylee continues her struggle with her identity & makes great strides to put forth her best effort. I really feel like we get to see her stepping out of the sheltered protection & really taking some risks. Albeit, some of those risks are stupid & dangerous, but she does them because she knows they are the right thing to do. All I will say about Nash is that he is an intriguing plot device that worked magnificently. I totally didn't see that coming!

The Soul Screamers series is one that I find myself enjoying more & more as I read them. They are one of the few series that I can enjoy reading multiple times because I seem to pick up on different details every time I read them. Each book seems to have it's own tempo & meter, while still maintaining the overall plot & balance. I really look forward to the next installments!

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Jenny said...

I skipped the middle part of your review because I haven't read this series yet, but I love that you can read these again and again and pick up details you missed before. That's always a sign of a good book to me! I'm definitely going to need to start this series soon, thanks for sharing!