Oct 27, 2009

Nostalgic Fridays

So, I have to be honest here. I love anything having to do with preserving memories. I don't care if it is cultural history, physical history, or my personal life history. I scrapbook, take photographs of almost everything, enjoy museums, and even visit preserved historical sites. Now, I've told you all that to allow you an understanding of my "Nostalgic Friday" posts that will start shortly.

Whenever you see the Nostalgic Friday header you can plan on seeing a review of some awesome book that is a bit older. Many of them will be books I enjoyed in my teens and others will be books that I discovered as an adult that I think are relevant to YA readers. Friday is my chosen day because I think of it as a day to celebrate the week we just finished. :D

If you like what you see, make your own "nostalgic" posts. I'd love to see what we all are/were into reading. Take care 'til next time!

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swiggett said...

Oh, this makes me happy!